Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Dining Room – With a Capital D!


The Dining Room has had a long hard haul.  But at last, she has come into her glory.  We are all so pleased!

Here is a look at the transformation:

Two sets of previous owners had suffered through the marble green shellacked wallpaper. 



They put on a brave face and tried to make do with it…   (I think even the deer looks a little bedazzled by the green). 



Unfortunately, I am not as brave as they were… nor as longsuffering.

It took less than 2 weeks for me to convince Glenn it was the perfect time to tear into it, even though we were only intending to do the boys’ room and the garage remodel.

Just look at me go.  Alix was so overcome by the sheer mess, she had to stop for an A&W.



For many many weeks, this is what the dining room looked like:




It was dark, dirty, a little gloomy and probably electrically hazardous. 

But I was content.  Because it wasn’t marble green shellacked wallpaper.


I knew it wasn’t at the top of our To-Do list, but I was good with that, because I knew the day for Re-Construction would come eventually.  Besides, there was plenty of other work to do; things to paint for instance.

And then the new windows came!  Yay!  In my mind’s eye, things were beginning to take shape. 



They looked so much nicer than the cloudy 1973 picture window!




And the new door we got from CL brought in so much more light!



Eventually Luke put in the insulation.  I like purple.



We installed the drywall not long after, and started the trim.  But we needed a lot of trim for the design I was hoping for Glenn to do.  So we put the dining room on hold again so we could work on the garage/mudroom.  It was fine – drywall has a nice clean look and if I blurred my vision a little, I didn’t even notice the nail holes and seams.




But at long last…it is finished!  Cameron came over last weekend and helped Glenn put the last of the trim in place.  Glenn spent all of Monday evening caulking seams.  And on Wednesday, I painted it.  Thursday, the girls and I got on our knees and gave the poor old floor a thorough cleaning.  And today we just sat back and admired it. 

Although – I have to say the lighting in some of the shots makes the walls look a little mottled on top.  In reality, they are consistent. 

Take a look!











It’s so clean, I can even let our pet cow and koala… er that is our children…crawl on it!



Here are a couple of side-by-side (sort of) Before and After shots:




I have 2 of this view:

this one..


and this one …





and one more..




You really should come and see it for yourself! 


  1. Back in the early 90's I bet someone thought that looked so lovely. Thankfully, the 90's are over! It looks so pretty white!!

  2. I had every confidence it would look lovely -- and it does! The only thing it's missing now is a roomful of family and friends sitting around a table!