Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little Girls’ Closet


Brace yourselves.  I haven’t been able to access our photos for a while, thus I haven’t posted anything for a while.  However, although there haven’t been accounts of the progress, there has indeed been progress!  Prepare for an onslaught of posts over the next few days!


Here is a look at the little girls’ closet when we first cut the new doorway into it.


Old insulation hanging and torn, brown paneling propped up under the eaves and old carpet. Not very inspiring.  But we were hoping for something a little more feminine for our little beauties.

After Luke and I replaced the insulation, Glenn put inexpensive beadboard paneling – horizontally per my bright idea – across the studs.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize until too late that the studs weren’t evenly spaced and that some of them were slightly wider than the others.  This meant that instead of the paneling laying flat, it waves over the wider studs, creating a problem for any hope of flat seams.   Well of course Glenn was rather put out about this.  He is conscientious about his work – but I convinced him it was ok!  It’s just a closet – the girls could care less about wavy walls.  And besides, let’s just design a bigger closet that we can join to the girls’ bathroom dormer and create a big shed dormer type thing across the back 2nd floor!  So Lord willing, we’ll re-invent this space in a couple of years.  But for now – most of us are quite content!

Here is a look at progress after the paneling is up and the carpet is pulled out.


Of course you knew I had to paint this floor, too!  After a primer coat, and 2 coats of porch paint, it was finished!


And because it has been a while since I posted, I am happy to report that we have moved pretty much all of the girls’ room from Lyn Lea to Kenilworth! 

Here is the Little Girls’ Closet – very imperfect. But the girls are thrilled with it!  And thanks to Glenn’s clever brain, there is even a place to hang their dresses – with ample room for each pretty frock.  Ballet bags ready to go on wall hooks.  Glenn is going to put a shelf in the area above the hanging space – where the 2 bins are tipping together for now – so that will add some more helpful space.  Plus there is still some trim to be finished around the door and the baseboard – but all in due time!



Way back in that corner you can see a bookshelf and some pillows.  That is a little reading corner – we put a little lantern in there so they can feel all snug and cozy while they read.  We have oodles of books – not even enough shelves yet to take them all out of the bins.  We are all Serious Bookworms.


On the other side of the doorway is a little dresser, the Barbie Mansion, and other assorted girly toys.



I had to put in the shot of Sophia ‘cause she’s so adorable…

but this one has a little better view of the space, so I included it, too.


Standing in the doorway last night, we had a cute view of Grant and Trent, who didn’t seem to mind at all that the toy selection was mostly of the pink variety.  Cash registers are fun no matter what color they are, right!?



And that’s the closet!  More soon!

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