Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catching Up


We’re finished with the Nutcracker……



and I can’t wait to share some of the photos with you and tell you about how things went.


But first, I still have 2 dresses to finish by Friday! 


And another full weekend of fun – our niece Kelsey’s beautiful wedding.


Do you mind waiting a few more days for the recaps?



Hope you are having a wonderful start to your week, after a long weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Person is a Person, No Matter How Small





Kate drew this picture of a baby’s face for her entry into the Indianapolis Right to Life Art Contest.


When I first saw it, I caught my breath.

I love it.


Just look at the eyes! 


Some people say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and clearly, she was able to capture the gift of life through this baby’s eyes.


We titled her entry:  A Person is a Person, No Matter How Small

from Dr. Seuss’ Horton the Elephant.


Although the drawing didn’t place in the contest, I felt compelled to show it off here.  It is our family blog, after all! 


I’ll be back soon with pictures from the Nutcracker -  only 2 days away!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another Costume Peek…


Kate is going to be one of 3 different dolls in the Christmas Party Scene of our Nutcracker ballet next Saturday. 

She is the Kissy Doll.

She blows little kisses with stiff doll-like arms to the guests at the party.


I love her costume – it looks so pretty on her.  It came with a little hair thing, but her ballet teacher asked me to make her a “huge” bow to go on her head instead. 

So I did.




I had some leftover red shantung fabric from Christmas dresses I made for the girls a few years ago.  Added a little red tulle I had in the closet, plus a strand of red sequins for a little sparkle.




She likes it.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Busy Days


Lately, things here have revolved mostly around ballet and sewing projects.

With the ballet recital just over a week away, things have been a little hectic!  Not only have we been practicing a lot here at home, but we’re at the ballet school 3 nights a week as well.

It seems like I’ve been sewing for weeks!  Which isn’t a bad thing, since I really do enjoy it.  I thought you might like to see some of the projects I’ve been working on – both for the recital as well as our niece’s wedding. 

The wedding is the weekend after the recital.  And since we’re having a big Orr Family picture taken the day before- with ALL the cousins and aunts and uncles- and the kids are also singing for the wedding, it felt like new dresses were in order for the special occasion.  So --  more sewing!  Smile


Here are the little boys’ vests I did for 2 of the little whippersnappers who interrupt the little girls’ dance during the Party Scene of the Nutcracker.

IMG_8605             IMG_8602

Remember the parchment paper patterns I showed you wayyy back?  Well, I finished the little vests and they actually fit the little boys! 


Then there are these nightgowns which the twins will wear during part of the ballet.  I made them out of voile canopy curtains which I had made for the older girls’ beds about 10 years ago!  But they were still in great shape, and in fact I didn’t even have to hem the nightgowns.  I cut them so the existing canopy hem was at the bottom of the nightgown. Winking smile 


For the style, I took a Pinterest picture I pinned of a little girl’s dress.  I wanted something that would slip right over their heads, without buttons or zippers, since they only have about 30 seconds to change from their party dresses into the nightgowns.  This fits the bill perfectly! 




The girls love the fluttery sleeves and how voluminous the gowns are, and I found some ribbon for the front that matches the ribbons they’ll have in their hair. 


Although I didn’t make Noah’s Nutcracker costume (we borrowed it from a friend who has local band connections), I thought you would enjoy seeing how dapper the costume looks on him.  There are a couple of little shoulder flaps that we’ve since attached to the little snaps, which aren’t in the picture.  But you get the idea.


At first he acted like it looked weird, but I could tell by the way he was trying not to smile that he really thought it was pretty neat.  Moms know these kind of things. Winking smile


The Nutcracker head that the school is loaning him kind of cracks me up – but at least it’s not too unwieldy and is made of mesh fabric so he can get plenty of air.



Glenn and I get to participate by playing the kids’ parents.  It’s a stretch, but we’re doing our best to make it appear natural.  I’m still working on a vest for Glenn, to wear under his suit.  I’m using one of his shirts for a “pattern”, so there’s not much to show at this point.  Just pattern pieces made from Christmas wrapping paper.  I will be working on that today!  For the actual vest, I’m using remnants from an antique damask tablecloth a friend gave to me a few years ago.  It’s perfect for a late 1800’s looking vest!  I also made Glenn a cravat out of green satin, to match the dress I’m wearing for the recital.  But it was too short!!  So today, I’m off to get more and try again.



In between the recital costumes, I’ve been working on the girls’ dresses for Kelsey’s wedding.  Remember the blue dot fabric I showed you?



I have four dresses finished!  Yay!  So far I only have pictures of Alix in her dress to share with you.  Here she is!



She loves it – and I’m so glad! 


I’m hoping to get some progress made on a pattern for Kate’s dress in the next few days.  I have a couple of ideas about where to start, so hopefully it won’t be too bumpy!


Although I really love to sew – it’s incredibly time consuming.  There have been a lot of nights in the past few weeks where dinner ended up being leftovers, or a chance to look in the refrigerator and see what looked good when I ran out of time to make something.  I’m pretty sure we forgot to do the house cleaning last Saturday.  Laundry has reached epic piles. 

The kids have continued on with school things while I sit on the floor with my measuring tape and yardstick and a whole lot of parchment paper and fabric scraps scattered everywhere. Many a time, I’ve looked up from the sewing machine or the scribbles and measurements I’m making for patterns and noticed someone was talking to me.  Smile  They’ve been very patient.


Next week we’ll be at the ballet school for the first of the week, and then practicing at the Auditorium for the remainder, until the performance on Saturday.  Lord willing, I’ll get the sewing done, we’ll eat at each meal, and next Saturday won’t go by in too much of a blur. 

These are big days in our kids’ lives.  Exciting.  Fun.  Busy.  Memorable.


Have a blessed weekend!