Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another Costume Peek…


Kate is going to be one of 3 different dolls in the Christmas Party Scene of our Nutcracker ballet next Saturday. 

She is the Kissy Doll.

She blows little kisses with stiff doll-like arms to the guests at the party.


I love her costume – it looks so pretty on her.  It came with a little hair thing, but her ballet teacher asked me to make her a “huge” bow to go on her head instead. 

So I did.




I had some leftover red shantung fabric from Christmas dresses I made for the girls a few years ago.  Added a little red tulle I had in the closet, plus a strand of red sequins for a little sparkle.




She likes it.

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  1. It's so very kissy. :-) I predict Kate is going to be a huge hit! I haven't seen Ellie W.'s doll costume yet, but Danielle's is darling, too. I think their dances should be longer so we have more time to admire them. :-) At least they're on-stage for a while!