Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just a Little Conversation and Catching Up



Little by little, warmer days are coming.  Our little crocuses are blooming their hearts out, and the stiff, deep green stalks of our daffodils are clustered in happy families, here and there around the yard.  Soon they’ll lift bright yellow blooms toward the sun, along with the sweet pink and yellow tulips thoughtfully planted unknown seasons ago, before we came to Kenilworth. 

Many of the trees have tight little buds, some with streaks of color showing more and more clearly through their plump tufts.  The grass is green again, and getting greener each day. 

It’s almost as though the plants share our feelings of anticipation and excitement and change.

School is keeping us very busy – which is primarily why the blog posts are few and far between.  We’re working hard to finish as much as we can, so that we will have more freedom in the summer months.  We will continue to do some school throughout the summer, since I learned years ago that much is forgotten in a short time.  But we plan to have fun, too!  The kids love playing outside with their bikes, and on the zip line.   And then there are sure to be Runaway games, reading in the hammock, and time on the swing set, and playing with the animals. 

Of course there are a few projects on the horizon.  Like a low stone wall which will span the length of the front yard; this may be a project which doesn’t get finished for quite some time. But I’m excited to get it started. 

(I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who is excited about it)

We’re hoping to tear down the cobhouse and build another, larger structure where it stands.  It won’t be our future garage/barn – which we’re saving up to pay for with cash.  But it will help give the animals a more insulated home, and provide some much needed storage space for some of the things we’re currently storing elsewhere. 

Lord willing, we will get the doors finished for the mudroom closets and maybe the bench and shelving units in there, too???? 

And let’s not forget trim. Smile 

I also have a few things to do in the laundry room before I show you some pictures. But I need to finish a line-up of sewing projects first, including dresses for the girls and me to wear for our niece’s wedding next month, and the second little nightgown and a couple of boys’ vests for the ballet recital.

We need to figure something out for the boys’ room – which continues to get wet when it rains.  Since Glenn installed a sump pump last Spring, there hasn’t been any more flooding, but there still is an undetermined way that water leaks down under the flooring panels.  We don’t panic anymore; we just pull back the thin indoor/outdoor carpet and turn on the floor fan.  Once it dries out, everything is back to normal. But it would be nice to get to the bottom of it, fix it, and do something a little better for the flooring.


Anyway – these are the things we’re thinking about here.  What about you?  Any projects, big or small, on the horizon?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Laundry Room Part 1




When we moved to Kenilworth, the washer and dryer came with the house.  They were practically brand new, but there was one problem with them.  The color.  You know I would never have chosen that dark red, instead I would have chosen……..  yes, white.

Gradually I have become more resigned to the color of them, partly due to the fact that I keep a large white blanket folded over them; to decrease some of the red glare.

What I really want to put over them is glass front upper cabinets! I know that may sound weird for a laundry room, but I think it would look so pretty.  The width is just a little too big to buy stock uppers and hang them – it would cause 6 inches to be leftover on the end, an amount that’s not easy to conceal cleverly.  Glenn can make them, which he plans to do, but not any time soon, due to the many big-ticket items which take priority over glass front cabinets in the laundry room.

Since I also envisioned a counter over the washer and dryer, for extra folding space, Glenn and I decided we could at least accomplish that much now.  Plus an extra shelf above the counter for the detergent and rags, and other stuff that I store in the laundry room.  We can easily remove the upper shelf later, when we do the cabinets, but for now it would be a real asset.

Here’s a look at the counter in place – obviously we didn’t wait to start folding clothes on it until after painting.



(and just for the record… I wasn’t the one who *folded* those clothes!)


Glenn screwed in shelf brackets along all 3 sides of the wall underneath the counter, and he added a front lip to the counter for extra support.


Next we used cereal boxes to determine how high the shelf should be from the counter.




And now it was time to paint!


I’ll be back soon with the finished look!


Hope you all are having a great day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014



Imagine my surprise to receive an email from one of my nieces telling me she nominated our blog to receive a blogger award!



The award is a way to offer encouragement to fellow bloggers, and to acknowledge that the words they speak on their blogs are being heard.  It is a kind and thoughtful way to say, “Good Job!”  There aren’t any strings attached, but if you are nominated, it’s nice to share the wealth with others.  Here’s how you can.

After being selected, you thank the person nominating you, 

Thank you, Aquila! ( http://www.hauteintexas.com/liebster-award-nomination/ )


Then answer 11 questions they give to you.

Nominate 11 other bloggers whose following is less than 500.

Post 11 questions for them to answer!

Finally, tag your nominees and post a comment on their blog to let them know you have nominated them.


That’s it!


Here are the questions Aquila gave to me:

1.  What’s your favorite post and why?

The one I wrote about my grandma, who died just a couple of weeks ago.  I loved her so much, and it was a blessing to write down my thoughts about her – for her, and for our family.   http://ourkenilworthhome.blogspot.com/2014/03/grandma.html


2.  Who inspires you to write?

God.  Through the blessings of the people He has put in my life, the gifts He has given to them and to me, to share with others.


3.  What’s your favorite board game?

Ha!  Trivial Pursuit – of course.  Science is my best subject!  Winking smile


4.  What’s your favorite book?

That’s a little harder to choose – I love to read so many things– but I have 3 copies of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and I have read it untold numbers of times since I was a girl.  Seems like that’s the one!


5.  If you could choose one person to have dinner with, living or not, who would it be?

Always my husband.


6.  Is there anything you would NEVER blog about?

Private sin – either of myself or of those I love.


7.  How do you find the time to write?

I have to squeeze it in at odd times – and usually I am interrupted frequently to answer questions.  Smile


8.  What’s your biggest tip for a new blogger?

Write when you feel like writing, instead of feeling pressured to do so because of how long it’s been since your last post.


9.  If you could work with any brand, business, etc., who would you pick?

Lowes – so I could get as much white paint and trim as my heart desired!  Would they let me, do you think?


10.  Do you think you’ll still be blogging at 90 years old?

I hope I live to be 90!  If I do, then to be able to blog would be amazing.


11.  Finally, a Haute in Texas tradition, do you prefer pancakes or waffles?



I nominate these creative bloggers:









I don’t follow a large number of blogs, so these 7 are my nominees.  Aquila reassured me I wouldn’t be cursed if I didn’t do anything else after she nominated me.  Hopefully, that means I won’t be cursed for choosing only 7 instead of 11 blogs!  Smile


Here are my questions for my nominees:

1.  What made you want to start a blog?

2. What sources provide inspiration for your posts?

3. What event in history do you wish you could see in person?  (past, present, or future)

4. What is your favorite meal?

5. What makes you laugh?

6. What makes you want to continue blogging?

7. What do you enjoy doing most in your free time?

8. Which is your favorite post?

9. What do you hope is the end result of having a blog?

10. What is your favorite movie?


So there you go!  How you proceed with the thread is completely up to you!  I won’t hold it against you if decide you’re thankful for the nomination, but don’t want to continue it. 

Have a great day, Friends!