Monday, November 2, 2015

The Glory and the Lifter of My Head


“But Thou, Lord, art a shield for me, the Glory and the Lifter of my head.” 

Psalm 3:3


There have been many, many days these last months, when I needed the Lord to be the Glory and Lifter of my head. 

I have prayed it out loud sometimes, pleading for His grace. 

And I have prayed it silently, in my mind’s eye seeing Him hold my head up above the surface of the water, though the rest of my body felt immersed.


Day after day, He does this for me.


I don’t know what trials God may have for you in your own life now, but my prayer for you today is that He is the Glory and the Lifter of your head. 

He is trustworthy.  He will do it for you.





  1. I found your blog by looking for ways to use leftover oatmeal which was actually leftover buckwheat. I've been sitting here reading for awhile and want to tell you how lovely your family is and what a testimony it is to me. I'm old, a great grandmother now and I can attest to many miracles in my life for me and my kids. God bless you all! I will pray for you. Is your little one that was so sick with Jesus? Hope you all are doing better and will pray for you all.

    1. I hope you received my message, Tacy!

    2. I don't see a message. Was it sent to my address? Hope you all are well! Would you resend it to that email? Thanks!

  2. Hi Kelly! I check your blog every month to see if you have posted at all and if you are ok:-) hope you are ok! Not sure if you still check your blog, Just wanted to say hi! Praying that you keep on trusting the Lord. Love, Sandy

  3. Hi Sandy! I truly appreciate your encouragement. I am ok, and do check my blog, but am unable to do more than reply to comments, for now.

    Thank you so much for praying. Jesus has daily given me the faith to trust Him throughout these past months. He is steadfast and I love Him so!

    Isaiah 26:3 has become one of my favorite verses -
    "He will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Him, because he trusts in Him."

    It's often I realize that each day has joys and sorrows together, yet the knowledge that His mercies are new every morning is real and true, and I am grateful for that.

    I hope you are well, Sandy!