Friday, September 25, 2015



The last time I wrote something here, I was just beginning to realize God was about to take me through a new trial in my life.  But there was truly no way to know on that day, late in April, just what He was doing.

Layers have been peeled back in my life these past five months.  One painful layer after another.  Sometimes just one at a time, and sometimes more.  I have known shock, pain, grief, betrayal, and much more, on a level I have not known to this point in my life.  God has given me much.  Yet He has never left me.  He has continued to provide in every way.

My Jehovah Jireh.


Today, He continues to carry me through this difficult trial.  In ways I can’t number. 

Or tell you. 


But what I can tell you is that He never forsakes us. 

He never forgets us. 

What He has ordained for me, for my family, is good.  All of it, He is working together for good.  His glory and our good.


I am changed forever. 

But it is good.

And I love Him even more.


And although there is so much more I could say, and may yet in the days ahead, I think that my Kate’s words this week are a poignant glimpse into where we are right now.

A dear friend asked Kate, who is 15, how she was doing.  Her reply may surprise you.


She said she wouldn’t change a thing.


She said first that this trial has brought her closer to God.   And she is thankful for that.

She said God has used this trial for her mom’s sake.  And she is thankful for that.

She said God has used this trial for her dad’s sake.  She is thankful.

And she said she is grateful for dear friends and how God has used them to demonstrate His love for us, and in the midst of it He has knit our hearts together in a way that goes beyond words.

He makes families of some, who are not born into families together.  

For that, she is thankful.


And so am I.


When you pray, please pray for us.


  1. Love to you and all the Orrs, dear sis.

  2. I'm a reader from Missouri who stumbled on your blog many months ago. I enjoyed reading about your sweet family and so missed you all during your absence. I periodically checked to see if you had written anything and was delighted tonight to see an update. I'm just sorry to hear of the reason for your time away. Please know that I will lift your family up in prayer. God bless you and may He continue to carry you all, Missouri Barb

    1. Missouri Barb,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. They encourage and comfort me. Thank you especially for your prayers, as they are greatly needed and desired.

      Blessings and peace to you, friend.