Friday, August 31, 2012

Pretty Things



Alix and Kate’s room had bifold closet doors.  But they were not in the best shape.  So we decided to take them off and go with curtains.  I had a beautiful sheet I had picked up at an antique store on an anniversary trip with Glenn (notice a them with our anniversary trips?).


Well, apparently Alix has had her eye on that sheet for a little while now.  She asked if we could use it for the curtain.  Knowing one wouldn’t be wide enough for the closet, I came up with a plan.



I split the floral sheet in 2 (it was hard to do – I always have reservations about cutting beautiful fabric!  But that’s why I buy them in the first place – to use!)  Then I looked through my bin of extra bed sheets (I love linens!) and found a big King size white one that would do perfectly.


Instead of joining the sides of the different panels, I would make 6 separate panels.  I cut the sheet into 4ths, hemmed both long sides, and then evened up all 6 panels so they would have hems the same length.  I used a yardstick to evenly space the marks for buttonholes across the top of each panel and then stitched them on the sewing machine.  Finally, I cut similar lengths of white ribbon to thread through the buttonholes. I wrapped the ribbon around the curtain rod and tied double knots to secure it.  With the little girls, I may have made bows, but I thought the knots looked better for the older girls.  The ribbons are all white, and essentially the same width, but they are slightly different – one is organdy, one is satin, another is satin with tiny fringed trim on the edges.



The girls are very happy with them.  And we thought another cute idea might be to hang a couple of long strings of pretty beads from the rod between a couple of the panels, maybe the center ones.  We may be accumulating pink beads for a long time!

From doors…


to curtains!


Beauty + Function! 

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