Friday, August 3, 2012

Mudroom Entry


We love it!



All that is left of the mudroom entry is to replace the existing door with the 3/4 length glass door we have for it.  But I thought you might want to see it anyway.




The porch lights were a fantastic find – at Goodwill!  I went specifically to look for porch lights, and found these right away.  They are the perfect color and patina; I didn’t paint them or anything.  Just took them apart and washed the glass globes and replaced the light bulbs.

The large unit you see on the side of the house is for heating and cooling the new area – our bedroom and the mudroom and laundry room, etc.  A few well placed bushes or something might help disguise it later.



Try to picture a trellis on the walls on either side of the porch – with clematis climbing up, plus some nice boxwood or full bushes in front of those, extending around toward the garage side.

We’re going to tear out the driveway from the side of the house – out to about 10 feet or so and plant bushes all along the side of our room.  That way we’ll have some privacy, and the driveway will just go straight to the new garage/barn.  Lord willing, the barn will be built next year!




                           Here is a look at the back of the house now – just excuse the ladder!

                               (the pool will need to find a better spot next year ~)




                                      And a nice elevation view from the East end.






                                           Welcome!  Come on in!


  1. It looks awesome!! Some hydrangas (sp?) would look really pretty there.

  2. Actually that was SHARRON! Callie highjacked me! :)

  3. Hopefully we'll get to see it very soon! Love, Cameron and Minda :-)