Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crafting and Decorating


I think the kids are ready to move to Kenilworth.  We’ve been there almost daily for 5 months now, and they are supremely familiar with all the nooks and crannies, the tree house, the cob house, and the kitties.  So I guess it’s natural for them to start making their areas homey.

Alix and Kate have a few of their clothes hanging in the closet – just a small taste of what is coming there.



And who needs baseboard trim!  The desk fits in so nicely in this spot – for now.


And if you look over to the left of the doorway, you can see the edge of Alix’s blanket – marking where her bed is going to be.  Kate’s blanket is on the opposite side of the room, behind the door.

There is even a rug in the middle of the room – the perfect spot for laying with a good book.

Sophia and Olivia have spent countless hours crafting paper people, with complete outfits.  Glenn’s little man even has a horse to ride.  A Freisian of course.



When Sophia asked me to pick out a shirt for my paper self from among the 5 or 6 she had made, it was an easy choice.  I liked the one that said, “I (heart) you, Mom”.



Notice the slit in my mouth so I can eat my paper food! 

Now where did she put my paper chocolate???

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