Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Loft beds

When Glenn started the twins’ cute little bed nooks, Alix and Kate thought it would be a great idea if he did something “special” in their room, too.  Actually, it was a really good suggestion.  Their room is pretty small and they have quite a number of girly things.  Glenn came up with the idea of loft beds, to create more space in their room.  They talked about how close to the ceiling they wanted them, and then one afternoon a couple of weeks ago, Glenn put them together.


I think he did a super job – and Alix and Kate are thrilled.

There is plenty of room for each of them to have a desk and chair, plus shelves to hold their many objets d art. 




Actually they didn’t stop there, they have already put things on the wall and window sills.



This little room has changed completely from a man’s office…



to 2 girls’ little slice of heaven…



  1. Ain't it great to be married to a handyman? You two make a formidable pair. :-) Looks so great!

  2. It is great! I'm very thankful for him! xo

  3. As you should be! :) I can't believe how different everything looks just in the short time it's been since I was there! Now, I can't wait to come back and see it again!!