Monday, August 27, 2012

From Bedroom to Schoolroom

We moved the schoolroom here a couple of weekends ago.  It was immediately the favorite place for the kids to be.  For some families, a game room would be the ideal, for our family it is the schoolroom.  In the schoolroom the kids can play drawing games, have computer time, play the piano, read, listen to music…the variety of things they do in here is seemingly endless.


It’s chock full of books, paper, pencils, etc, plus chairs, the table, the bookshelves, the computer table, the piano, etc.  But I think that’s what makes it cozy for them. 


Here’s Luke – thrilled to be on the computer after many weeks of doing hard labor.



And when the Worleys dropped by the other night, Rachel sat right down at the piano and started playing beautiful music


And Noah and Grant sidled up together on a chair to play with… something?  Phone games?


From a bedroom…


To our schoolroom!


Wonder what other rooms this has been?

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  1. Amazing what a difference in the before and after shots! The previous owners would not believe it!

    P.S. It's funny to compare Worley hair with Orr hair ... "which of these kids are not like the others ..." Not a curl in sight on either of mine! :-D