Sunday, August 26, 2012

It’s Beginning to Feel Like Home


Bringing our chandelier to Kenilworth and hanging it in the dining room was a momentous event for us.  I love this chandelier.  We bought it years ago and it has traveled with us since.  For me, hanging it up was like saying, “We’re home.”


Here is the table set for dinner.  This was the first night we had our own table here, too.  The table Glenn made many years ago.  Luke and I wrestled it carefully through doorways and the van, and thankfully it made it safely here.  Not all of our chairs are here yet, since we haven’t moved everything over yet.  Not until the newly remodeled areas are finished – which will be soon!  But the kids and I have slowly and steadily been bringing loads during the day, and we have been able to get quite a lot accomplished.



Even more important – here are the people!  I took this candid shot (you can see Noah was in the middle of saying something and Luke looks startled by my photographic prowess) during our first meal in the dining room. 



I bought this dresser at antique store – I have occasionally been tempted to paint it, but somehow, I never do.  It’s kind of scratched up and chipped a little, but I love the warm color and I think the wornness it has just makes it feel homey and well-loved.  The lamps used to be yellow, but I spray painted them silver and then used a little Rub-n-Buff to give them a gold sheen.  Weird – but I like it.

The photo on the plates is of Glenn’s Great-Great Grandparents, the plates were a find at GW, and the punch bowl and cups are from an anniversary trip Glenn and I made last year.



Here’s how it looked just this morning as the girls and I were getting breakfast ready.  Glenn and the boys stayed at Lyn Lea, but the girls and I slept here – since their beds are here.  Our bed is at Lyn Lea, so I slept with Olivia on Friday night, and then divided my time last night between Olivia’s Enormous Teddy Bear on the floor and Isabella’s bed.  Teddy is a little too puffy for comfy sleeping.


Here is Sophie preparing OJ…


And here are the boys arriving with the silverware and my Keurig coffee maker, expressing their happiness with our food prep.  (Ok – I have to say how hilarious it was to me that they brought my coffee maker and even my favorite coffee cup (from Eliz) – and yet, they didn’t bring any coffee pods!  tee hee)


And then there are a few shots I took of the dresser (another GW find that I DID paint) which we just brought Friday and then Alix and I moved from room to room trying to figure out where it was supposed to be.


Glenn likes this shot:


And I kind of prefer this one – which is your favorite?


And then there is one final picture – from the loft balcony looking down.  That rug fit perfectly on the landing! 



And that’s it for this morning.  More soon!


  1. It's beautiful!!!

    Kate likes the bottom picture best and I like the first one best. :)

  2. Everything does look beautiful! But how I wish there was a picture of you sleeping on that giant teddy bear. :-D