Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Girls’ Room


One of my latest projects at Kenilworth has been the big girls’ room.

Noah helped me tear up the plywood and carpet.  The seams on the plywood were so tight, we needed Luke to get us started at the doorway.  Once he got the threshold removed, we were able to get it out more quickly.

We found the same wide old plank wood underneath as we found in the little girls’ room.  Yay!  It actually looked a little better than theirs had.  So I sanded it with the orbital hand sander, vacuumed it, washed it down carefully, and then got out the old Zinsser Cover Stain Primer and went to it!



After the primer coat, I sanded again, vacuumed again, washed again.  Next came 2 coats of Valspar white porch paint.

We’re very happy with how it turned out! 



Today, I’m going to do the polyurethane coat on top to seal it and help keep the dirt off.  And then it’s finished!



Here are a couple of shots of the same room, taken when we viewed the house.



The room has undergone quite a transformation.  We’ve painted the ceiling, the ceiling fan, the vent cover, the walls (which took 2 coats of primer).  We removed the closet bi-fold doors, which were falling apart, and we’ve pulled up old, stained, dirty carpet and padding, as well as prying out all the plywood with crowbars.  Yesterday, Noah and I even removed the baseboard trim.

We’ll be using the old baseboard trim from the dining room in the loft and the big girls’ room.  Glenn is picking out the pieces today that he thinks will best do the job.  Then all that’s left is to prime them, paint them, and put them in!


The girls are excited!

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