Friday, June 1, 2012

A Little Gardening


Last week we spent some time outside weeding and moving a few plants around.  Some I brought to Kenilworth from our current house.  With the high temperatures we had, they’ve struggled and we’ve had to do daily watering, but they’re finally starting to grab hold. 

Here is one area I worked on that I think looks much better!  It was mostly orange daylillies, which I have always liked, but they were really taking over this spot.  Their long skinny leaves just looked unruly and stringy here to me.  Plus, don’t they need full sun? 

                                               Anyway take a look at how things were…



This shot was taken after I moved that pretty concrete pedestal around (well I kind of twisted it around and around, scooting it along its base since I couldn’t pick it up) from where the previous owners had placed it, which was next to the propane tank.  I felt it really needed a place to shine on its own where it wasn’t being dwarfed by the spirea around the propane tank.  It’s pretty after all!  I also moved the hostas I saw sprouting up exactly in the place where the mudroom addition is going.  You can see them here and there near the pedestal and by the window.

Other than that, a couple of spirea bushes drowning back behind the lillies, some pretty creeping phlox, a couple of scattered lamb’s ears, and a peony bush were kind of clumped here together.  You can see why the cats thought it was the perfect kitty litter spot.


                  So here is how things are shaping up…




I moved the spirea bushes so they are each on either side of the sidewalk leading to the porch – just out of sight in this shot to the right.  The hostas are filling in, as are the lamb’s ears.  I’m going to let the lamb’s ears spread out in the near corner, and next to them I put some salvia which I brought from our current home.  There are two colors of salvia – purple and white.  They look a little sad, but they’re trying!  Hopefully they’ll spread out more eventually.  I also planted hollyhock seeds to the left next to the gutter, and underneath the schoolroom window (the one to the right) near the black cable coming out of the wall.  They’re already starting to come up!  I love hollyhocks – these are going to be pink. 

I like the flowers on the pedestal – but I’m trying to find a nice cement urn to put them in, instead of the plastic terra cotta colored one they came in. 

But all in all, it’s an improvement, I think!  Looks like Olivia agrees.  



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