Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Kitchen Window


I have been taking my time, wanting to make sure which stained trim to leave alone, and making careful decisions about what I just have to lighten up a little. 

Item #I’ve lost count: the kitchen window.



Here it is right after Luke and Glenn installed the new mini-pendant.  Ah- the new pendant is so much prettier and goes with the house- let me see if I can find a shot of the old one…


Ok – here’s one – although not a close up, taken when we first toured the house.  (see the blurry yellowish pendant on a black pole to the right of the shot?)  But I think you see what I mean…not bad, just not quite right for an old home.



The new pole and cord was a kit we got at Menard’s – and the glass pendant was one of many types sitting on the shelves in the same area there.  I liked it because it looked old-fashioned and simple.

So back to the paint vs. stain thread.  I decided on Saturday that I just didn’t want to look out through a dark window anymore.  I’ve waited.  I’ve given it a chance.  But, I can tell you honestly, without regret (mostly) that the sash is now painted.  I left the outside trim alone – for now – because we currently are keeping the downstairs trim stained, and I think it will look more consistent overall.  But I’m sure I’m breaking some hard and fast decorating rules about having painted and stained trim together in the same spot.

As soon as I finish one last touch up on it today, I will take a picture and show you the results.  I plan to put a nice simple Roman shade there, as soon as I have the opportunity to make it, but for now, it’s so nice to look outside through a bright, light window.

I’m happy.

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