Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Painting a Bathroom Part 2


Priming over a dark color looks pretty messy after just 1 coat.




But after a 2nd covering over the especially dark areas, and 2 coats of wall paint, it’s amazing how a room can be transformed!




The walls are painted, the switch plate covers and towel bars are back in place, and even the trim pieces over the doors are all set.




It was convenient that the countertops and cabinets that were already here match the ivory paint I’ve been using throughout the house.  Although, I suppose ivory could be considered a versatile color.  Smile



There are 4 somewhat warped shelves in the little bathroom closet, which is behind the door when you walk in to the bathroom.  We may do something different in here when we do the rest of the bathroom later, but for now the girls and I picked out a pretty contact paper from Target and wrapped the shelves.  I think they’re much improved!  And the girls love it.  They make the shelves seem cleaner somehow.






So that’s it for the girls’ bathroom!

The pictures really can’t give you an idea of how different the space feels now.  In fact – when my friend Sharron first saw it, she didn’t realize I had painted it and she thought we took a big dresser or something out of the room because it felt so much bigger.

Here’s one last before and after shot to compare:


IMG_1853[1]                IMG_1606

It would be nice to have an “after” shot that wasn’t bare bones – but someday we’ll have pretty things in there, and then I’ll be able to get a real “after”!

That’s it!  Have a great day!

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  1. The last before and after shots are especially WOW! That really shows the difference and the fruits of your labor. :-)