Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mudroom Beginnings



Here is a look at the mudroom in all of its initial glory.  Shingles are off the garage – thanks to Luke.


Then the next morning – walls are going up!  Glenn and Luke worked a little late last Friday night and got up the long wall.  The guys left early the next morning, and by the time the girls and I arrived around 8:15, here’s what we saw!




The East end has a window – it will include the pantry cabinets, which will be on the wall to your right as you look at the picture.  A hallway to the left will connect the mudroom to the rest of the house.  But – we can’t cut that opening until we have the mudroom closed in!


We made a lot of headway last Saturday – enough to be able to close the holes in the roof we had made to keep out the rain we were supposed to have.  (but didn’t)



That’s the ridge beam in place – waiting for rafters.  I was so excited about it, I almost went up the ladder myself and grabbed a hammer to start swinging them up!  But I didn’t.  I let Glenn and Luke (and Alix helped, too) take care of things.  Cameron was back again – at just the right time to lend a hand.  Thanks, Cameron!


We’ve made more progress throughout the week!  With a little more help from our friends again – especially George – things are looking great!

I’ll get some pictures up soon!


  1. I can just see you up there, swinging away with a hammer, with the paint can and paint brush strapped to your side, at the ready. :-)