Sunday, June 3, 2012

Drywall in the Dining Room


Luke and I finished up the insulation in the dining room this week (finally!).  We had originally considered having it blown in professionally. 

So that was more expensive than we wanted to spend now! 

After talking to a friend at church who has lots of construction experience, Glenn went with foam board.  It was easy to install – it came in 4 x 8 sheets that Luke was able to cut with a handsaw right there in the room.  It was quick and there was no itchy scratchy fiberglass to deal with during the job.  And it’s a great insulator!  (not to mention less expensive than professionally blown in stuff)

After the foam board was installed, by jamming it in each space, Luke sprayed Great Stuff Gaps and Cracks around the edges to seal it.   On top of the foam board,  where the depth of the wall allowed, we cut styrofoam.  Yes – that’s right.  Styrofoam.  Like the foam board, it also came in large sheets – about 4 x 8 – and was added for extra insulation.  It was easily scored with a utility knife, and then adhered to the foam board with foam adhesive, used with a caulk gun. This type of glue doesn’t dissolve styrofoam.

So – a couple of before and “in progress” shots to see the difference!








It kind of looks like I staged these pictures -


 the before: dark, gloomy, dull & dirty floors, no pretty chandelier light

and then the “in progress”: bright, shiny floor, pretty chandelier light…


but no, no, I didn’t do that.  It just really looks that much better!








Obviously you see why I called these the “in progress” shots.  We’re not done yet.  But we should be by the end of the week, Lord willing.

Then we’ll all be able to see the real “after” shots!!

I can’t wait!

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  1. Ahhhh! What a difference drywall makes - I'm always amazed! Drywall hanging, insulation installing, handsawing, tape measuring ... Is Luke living his dream, or what? The house has really come along at the perfect time for him. He has the right combination of desire, skill, time for all this! And I'm sure Glenn especially appreciates his help!