Friday, June 8, 2012

The Little Girls’ Room


Progress at Kenilworth seems to ebb and flow in different areas for different periods of time.  We’ve been busy in the dining room this week, as well as the mudroom.  But last week we were able to get some things done in the twins’ and Olivia’s room. 

Here is a look at Sophia’s bed nook.


Glenn used bead board paneling for the back, the arched ceiling, and the lower part of the sides.  He made bookshelves and inserted them on either side, for all Sophia’s favorite books.  There is a sweet double sconce with her own private light switch next to her bed.  Her bed will fit perfectly in the nook.

I painted the ancient built in bench (even the inside of it) between the twins’ beds.  All it needs is some pretty trim around the edge, a soft and inviting cushion and some comfy pillows to lean against.

A perfect reading spot – and ideal for gazing out the window.




Isabella’s nook is in progress.  The bookshelves take several hours to complete, so Glenn needs a fair amount of time once he starts them.  But once he gets those finished, the rest of it will go together more quickly.



I wasn’t able to get into a position to get a shot of the entire wall – but this helps, I think.

Olivia’s bed will be on the wall opposite the twins’.  Although she doesn’t have a nook, hers will be a very special space, too.  Just right for our littlest princess.  I have several ideas for her that I’m working on…


So – just to see what things looked like in here before we changed them, here’s a quick look back.



The room had double closets, which we really didn’t need since we were converting the attic area adjacent to the room into a very large closet/toy area. 

Can you believe it’s the same room? 

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