Friday, June 22, 2012

It’s a Wrap!


The mudroom is wrapped and the window is in place. 



Cameron came over and gave Glenn and Luke and Alix a helping hand with the Nova wrap.  (Menards’ version of Tyvak) 

And I primed the window with a spray Zinsser primer, then gave it 2 quick coats of white spray paint.  You can’t even tell it used to be red.   We are pretty happy with the deal we got on the window.  It was a very expensive display window at Menards, and once they were finished displaying it, they sold it at a clearance price.   So we were able to buy it for a fraction of the cost!  Although it’s a casement window, unlike the other ones at Kenilworth, it doesn’t have a grill, just like the rest of the windows.  Plus we figured that since it is on a different section of the house, it wouldn’t look too different.

  So far, so good!



Here’s how things look from inside the mudroom.


Looking out the window toward the little porch.



If you stand in front of the window and look toward the other end, you’ll see the beginnings of the wall that will mark out the master closet.  The doorway into the bathroom-to-be is covered by a piece of plywood for now since it is the old entry to the garage.  Don’t want pesky little critters going into our garage!




And here is the opening for the attic entry.  Old houses are notorious for their lack of storage – and ours is no different.  So we’re carving ourselves a little place above the mudroom for bins.  There will be a ladder that pulls down and we’ll walk right up!  We thought it was a good place for attic access, in case we ever need to have wiring or something up there looked at.  I”d rather have people going into the attic and knocking down insulation into my mudroom, not my closet.  Call me crazy…





Today we’re going to put the rest of the black tar paper on the roof to make it easy for Glenn and Luke to shingle tomorrow.  Glenn has started digging the holes for the little porch – see my previous post on how that will look – but he needs the post hole digger to go the rest of the way.  It’s in the van, ready to go. 

I’m also going to try to get the mudroom door painted, and finish painting the kitchen bookshelf.  This bookshelf will most likely no longer be the kitchen bookshelf, though.  I’m thinking it will be great in the schoolroom!

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