Saturday, June 9, 2012

Basement Update


Welcome to the Boys’ Room – it’s that door there straight ahead.




I haven’t updated lately with our progress in the basement – aka the Boys’ Room.  Mostly because we just haven’t been down in that area for a little while, much to Luke’s chagrin. 

He goes there at least once each day – usually to sit in a lawn chair and read for a few minutes, with an open jar of peanuts sitting next to him on the floor.  Just for a break now and then from the hard labor he’s been conscripted into for the last 3 months.  Actually, I think he’s taking dominion of his space – and I’m glad he is.  It’s probably a young man’s dream to have a room in the basement.  It’s cool at all times, and young men seem to prefer cool temps – at least my young men do.  Plus, he’s personally done the majority of the work there, either with others or on his own.  I’m proud of how hard he has worked and thankful for how much he is learning.

And he’s been making a point to teach Noah along the way.  I’m not sure Noah wouldn’t rather be outside in the pool most days, but he’s a willing student and he loves and respects his big brother so he’s happy to spend time with him.  And they share the same humor.  Boys’ humor.  They laugh about the cutest things – and sometimes I really don’t get it.  But they do.

But I digress.  You’re here to see progress.  So here are some fun shots to compare where things are going with where we started:

Here we are in the basement when we viewed the house with our sweet realtor, Heather:




And here is how it looks today.  Obviously not finished, but very different!  The doorway just past the stairs is the closet entry (the chair is sitting in the middle of the space) with hanging clothes to your left in a nice big walk-in area, and then the right side will have open shelves for all the boys’ weapons of war and Legos.  Beyond the chair is another doorway – that will have a door, although the first entryway into the closet won’t – and it leads to the utilities.  You can see them in the above shot – the furnace, water heater, etc.           




The other end is also dramatically different.  It started out with plant lights and a tiny window, plus some stored items.



We leveled the floor, put in a new window..



And now we have new lighting, walls and paneling, and a new sub floor.




Still need to get the little radon area enclosed to the left of the picture, the insulation back in the ceiling (for sound proofing rather than a thermal barrier), and the ceiling panels installed, the little crawlspace hatch needs to be made, and lots of trim around the edges.  Then finally the carpet.

Once we get the mudroom enclosed and a few other loose ends tied up – including the boys’ room – I’ll catch you up!

Ok – see what I mean about the peanuts!  There’s the jar on the floor in the picture!!  Ha!

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