Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Painted Brick


I thought you might enjoy seeing the finished look of the two new windows we used to replace the old 1973 picture window.  I’ve put a couple shots here of the progression – but now that I’m finished painting the brick around them, you have to see how bee-u-tiful they look! 


Ta Da!



And.. Ta Da!  (a longer view)



I plan to do something different with the scrabbly bushes all clumped together there, eventually.  But for now – my eyes usually go right to the windows when I walk around that side of the house.  Sometimes, after I’ve taken something out to the burn pile, I’ll veer off the straight course back to the house, so I can get another peek at the windows.  I think they look so much better!  And really, even aside from the improvement in dimension, the best difference is that you can actually see out of them!  Unlike the clouded picture window…


                  So here is a brief look at how things have changed there..


                Glenn installed the windows – and a mighty fine job he did, too..




Then Mr. Edens and his crew of 2 used the brick we had taken off from around the picture window and the other window on the back porch, and re-bricked around the two new windows.  Once the mortar dried completely, Alix and I spent a few days coating the bricks with white paint.  I’ve never painted brick before – it’s really porous.  It took 3 coats, and I’m still wondering if we ought to go ahead and do a 4th…  At any rate, it was pretty quick and easy, other than the top of the middle section between the windows.  We were standing on a metal bench and since we couldn’t put it over the egress window opening, we had to kind of clutch the window ledges and lean out as far as possible to reach.  But we got it! 

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