Monday, May 28, 2012

The Final Frontier


Well – kind of.  What I mean to say is that we’ve begun the project that will lead to the last section of the remodel before we move in!  Yay!!

We’re changing the garage into a master bedroom, bath and closet.  Next to the “bedroom”, we’re adding a small hallway, changing the position of the laundry room in the hallway, and then the only part of the house that we’re actually adding on to the house’s footprint – the mudroom/pantry area.

Here is a shot of the back side of the garage…


As you may have noticed, we took this right after the tree was cut down.  But it was the best I could find for now – although I think if you click on the Picasa link over to the right of the homepage, you can find one in there somewhere. 

A couple of weekends ago, Glenn and Luke took down (with a sledgehammer and the famous jackhammer) the brick from the garage wall. 


We’re saving that brick to put back up over the area where the overhead garage door is, after we finish redoing the wall and adding 3 windows for our bedroom-to-be.  Luke and Glenn piled it up on our trailer and Luke has been diligently cleaning it – removing the old mortar with a chisel-like tool and washing the bricks in muratic acid – as they await replacement.



When Mr. Edens finished the brickwork on the fireplace last Monday (post on that coming soon!), he also brought his backhoe, and dug the trenches for the mudroom add-on.

Here he is on the backhoe – with eager, excited kids standing by watching, hoping for a chance to jump down into the trench as soon as there’s space and I give the thumbs up.


That picture cracks me up….




So here is what it looked like afterwards!



and another look….


Concrete footers poured into the trench, then covered with foundation block.


There will be a little porch in the center of the long side with a doorway.  Probably that door you see right there because it’s Free!  We just have to move it and paint it.

The far side will be part of our closet, and the remaining 2/3 or so will be mudroom with a bench seat or two, some cabinets and hooks, etc.  Still working out the design for that.  This end of the long wall will have floor to almost ceiling pantry cabinets because 9 people eat a lot of food and the kitchen doesn’t have enough space for me to put it.  Above the pantry cabinets will be a row of narrow windows.  Plus the inner wall will have the extra refrigerator – necessary because I need someplace to put the 9 gallons of milk we drink every week.

Then there will be a window on the short side facing the back porch – that shortest wall in the foreground there.

As you can see the dryer vent has to be relocated – I’m confident Glenn will get that figured out.

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