Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Basement Changes


The basement has undergone some major changes already.  Here is a shot of the new stairs, the studs for the walls, etc.  This mess is a beautiful mess to us because it’s clear now where the walls will be and gives us a great idea of how the space will feel when it’s finished.  The boys are thrilled.











Below is a good idea of what the basement looked like just after Glenn and Luke put in the egress window and leveled the floor with a concrete leveler.



Next came insulation in the ceiling to cut down on noise level, the new stairs which Glenn had to design, and wall studs.

Also, Luke sized, cut, and laid the Dri-Core flooring almost completely by himself.  He’s learning so much through all this, and getting practice on some things he already knew.  The Dri-Core is really neat – it is particle board on one side (see the squares leaning against the wall studs?) and then the opposite side is a raised almost rubbery kind of surface with a design on it that will allow moisture and air to circulate between the basement floor and the particle board.  This will keep the basement dry and create a thermal barrier that increases the room temperature by 6-10 degrees.


We also primed and then painted the duct work.  We decided it was easier (and kind of manly) to have the duct work exposed, than to try to frame and drywall around it.  So after wiping down the ducts with mineral spirits to remove dust, Luke used the Zinsser Primer 1-2-3 in a spray paint, and then we took turns rolling on some latex enamel white paint.  We used a little midget foamie roller to paint with – which was just the right size for the job.




I don’t have a shot of the wiring – but Glenn and Mick finished that off a couple of weekends ago.  So the basement has new electrical outlets (several) and a new 3-way light switch, plus 4 new recessed ceiling lights – the kind that will look like eyes- spaced throughout. 

Glenn’s working in the twins’ and Olivia’s room this week while Mr. Edens continues to work on the fireplace. 

And the kids and I have moved lots of plants and are watering every day!  Plus I primed part of the kitchen yesterday!  Exciting!

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