Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Dining Room


I’m a little behind – but here are the before and after shots which are most recent.







and the East wall -






The outside view is very different too – although, also not completely finished yet.  There’s still the brick around the two windows to do.







I like this shot because it gives an idea of how pretty this little eating area might be someday.  That yellow paint is going to be primed over very soon….  But doesn’t this look inviting?




This week, we’re weeding and moving plants around.  The weather is great, so it’s nice to be outside working for a while.  Besides I hadn’t weeded since before Easter.  Some of those weeds were capable of providing shade for the house.  Glenn and Luke also finished moving away the last of the huge tree trunk pieces out of the front yard.  Ahh – a smooth lawn and some plants around the really big stump. 

There’s lots of work with a home – but it’s a really good kind of work.  The kind I’m thankful for.

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