Saturday, May 5, 2012


The windows are all in and we love them!  Here’s Luke cutting the opening for the first window…



Looking from the back porch, you can see Luke kicking the wall away!!  I’m pretty sure he was a little thrilled about that.



IMG_0103  Success!!


And here is the window competently put into place!


IMG_0112           outside shot..


inside shot…               IMG_0106



I’ll get some pictures of the other windows soon!


The guys had to go up and try to get some of the brick and mortar out of our second flu.  We need 2 flus for the new fireplace, and thankfully there were originally 2!  However, when unknown former owners put in the terrible stone fireplace (probably in the 70’s – 80’s)  they filled one of them with brick and mortar!  Luke is behind the chimney… see his forearm?… while Glenn takes a breather.  They took turns trying to knock out the filler. 

Although my guys didn’t get all the way, our 75 year old brick mason and his crew of 2 came today and successfully finished the job.  Hooray!  Flu cleared and ready!  Mr. Edens (brick mason) and his son and another man, also bricked in around the dining room window facing the porch that the guys just got in.  They were so skilled!  Glenn said it was amazing to watch them.  On Monday they’ll return and do the other two dining room windows.  Then they’ll start the fireplace! 




Here’s Noah – not really doing anything, but pretty happy about getting to sit on the roof with Daddy and Luke.



There was one other fun item the guys installed this week, much to the delight (?) of all the kids.  (and their Daddy)  Here’s Olivia trying it out for the first time.  I wish the 2nd shot would have taken – in that one she was farther down the line and grinning.  Here she looks petrified.  Well… I suppose she was.



Don’t worry – there are plenty more shots of everyone taking their turns – except the one of me.

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