Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A New Face

Well as you might have noticed from the new picture at the top of the blog, I’ve been painting.   While Glenn and Luke (and Noah) have been busy with the egress window area, I worked on the front door and sidelights and the pediment and pilasters surround.

Let me say that black takes many many coats of paint to cover up!  I still need to lift the tape from the threshold and I’ll probably go back and do another last coat or two on the pediment and pilasters on the sides of the door, but I think the door and its sidelights are finished.

I think the grey looks especially pretty with the purple creeping phlox around the porch and the redbuds and crabapples in bloom nearby.  And there’s something about that grey door and white surround that just makes the house seem more like our home.  


Speaking of the porch, we know there is a wide concrete ledge about 2 feet underground adjacent to the porch that goes around the house.  This presents a bit of a challenge when it comes to plantings there.   I wanted to do hydrangeas, but I need to see how deep their roots grow.  Any ideas about bushes that might work there?

Lots more work down in the basement.  Luke is doing some grinding work on the concrete floor to prep it for the concrete leveler Glenn is going to use.  And the egress work continues – but it’s almost finished…

IMG_9544  And from a slightly further view..




We had an unexpected surprise last night when Glenn started to replace the dining room door.  After some thinking and deliberating, the guys ended up covering the opening with plastic stapled to the door frame from the inside.  Lord willing, Glenn will get it straightened out today and we’ll have a door there tonight!  At any rate, it was nice to see Cameron for a little bit.  He came to help put in the door.  Hopefully the corndogs and asparagus were some consolation for not getting to hang a new door…



Noah very helpfully watched from the tree house, in case they needed an extra hand.


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  1. You guys have been busy! It all looks great! I love the phlox. Every spring, when I see yards covered with it, I think I need to get some of that. :-) Looking forward to seeing the changes in person!