Friday, April 13, 2012

Old trees

Two of our old trees were cut down this past Monday.  Even though we hardly knew them, I felt a little sorry for them.  One of them didn’t seem as “dead” to me as we were told, so it was hard not to feel a tiny bit bitter… especially since we found an owl’s nest with one intact egg in it afterwards.  But one had a dangerous amount of large dead limbs in the top – and it’s critical root system is where the barn is going.

Part of our deal with the tree service was that they would cut them down, and then we would clean up afterwards.  I really never imagined how many branches there would be…  Our burnpile glowed all afternoon and late at night.  In fact, we’ve had it going every day this week.  We have a huge long row of fat round logs, and lots of new stumps to sit on around our extra large fire pit.  A perfect place for a big bonfire with marshmallows roasting.

The kids were just fabulous moving all the branches.  I worked them hard!  And they didn’t complain, at least not when I could hear.. Thanks, Guys!  I love you all!  (and yes, Kate, I’m sure part of our plan for a big family was for the slave labor!)


That’s the burn pile way back in the back – notice how high it is! 




  Alix is sitting big!




IMG_2911        This is just one of the trees!



Although it looks like a big branch, it’s dead!  It didn’t weigh too much.





  The twins weren’t quite as productive as they could have been since they wanted to hold hands the whole time.  Oh well!  They looked really cute!






See! We had fun and built muscles!

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