Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kate’s View: Post #2 Date: 4/26/12, Thursday

Hi again! Yes, I am back!

Open-mouthed smile

I was looking at all the emoticons and I saw one that looked almost exactly like Totorico… Cat face and another which was a dog that looked like Samson…Dog face Isn’t that hilarious?

So… about Kenilworth. Lots is happening… too much for me to write down! So, the clever person I am,Winking smile I have decided to write about our games… what we kids do when we’re not working.

WELL, we love to play with the tree house, and there is a big stick and a blue bucket we use A LOT. The big stick is used as a giant spoon to stir “soup” in the “pot” which is the blue bucket. To make the soup, we have lots of ingredients to make it look tasty… well, as tasty as pretend soup can look! Here’s our favorite recipe:

2 gallons hot water
1 gourd bowl of “spice” (crushed bricks)
4 gourd bowl of “herb” (wild ferns)
as many helicopter leaves as you feel like gathering
about 5 chopped up wild onions

First, add up all of the dry ingredients, except the helicopter leaves, and mix them together. Then put aside. Meanwhile, have someone get the water. After water is fetched, put the helicopter leaves into the water… let them soak for about 5 minutes. When finished soaking, add dry ingredients into the water and stir it up, keep stirring until dinnertime, pour or ladle into gourd or pumpkin bowls. Enjoy!

IMG_9757 Here is a picture of TRENTIE!!!!!!! *swoons*

Sorry, that was kind of random, but, WARNING: THIS IS A BIG SURPRISE! I just ADORE Trent!

WE also like to swing, jump rope, slide, play freeze tag, normal tag, kickball, and a game I made up called “Baby tag.” No, it has nothing to do with babies. So, two people are the taggers and 4 or more people can play… when the taggers are chosen they give the other players 10 seconds to run and then start running and shouting, “No! COME BACK!!!! YOU ARE SO PRETTY! JUST LOOK AT THOSE EYES-EYES-eyes….” It’s kind of like the taggers are spiders and the other players are flies… they try to flatter the flies into coming to them, or at least slowing down. If you are tagged, you become a “spider” or another tagger… the last person to become a “spider” is it. Soon, we will be able to have another choice of play… a zip-line! Daddy’s going to make a huge platform on a huge tree in the back that was trimmed… it doesn’t have any branches anymore. But it’s HUGE!!! The zip-line is going to go all the way to a tree near to the weeping cherry tree! So that’s a long zip-line! Well, there is still lots of play and work ahead, so I’ll be writing again soon! Open-mouthed smile


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