Sunday, April 29, 2012

Painted Stairs


We’ve made more progress this week…


The stairs have been primed (3 coats) and the first coat of trim paint is on…




Glenn has been able to get more done in the girls’ closet…





          IMG_0064             IMG_0012

The one on the right is before insulation and paneling – the left is after.  Obviously, we’re not finished yet – but we’re getting there!


And we’re done (we think) with the demolition portion of the fireplace.  Next week the brick mason, Mr. Edens, comes to build the new fireplace (using all of the old bricks), and then Glenn will finish it.


So here’s one last “before” look..


And the current “after”. 



All the stones are currently resting on the front porch after their removal ordeal.




More pictures of the basement soon! 

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