Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last night at Kenilworth by Isabella Faith Orr

last night Kate and Olivia left to go to ballet but Alix came to Kenilworth with Dad and me and Sophia me and Alix picked some asparagus and the strawberries were doing Great! But their only flowers. There was a hug FAT asparagus it was HUG you can ask Mommy or Daddy. Then Mom arrived to pick-up alix. Right as Mom was leaving I asked her if she had brought Olivia she said no I was SO sad because I wanted Olivia to bike with me. After she left I dicided to go see Reco when Mom got back She was SO inppresed of how mch work Dad and the Boys got done! Dads REALLY close to getting the closet done he said so.

                                       Love Isabella Faith Orr


IMG_9892 This is the fireplace.









And these two are Me!



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