Friday, April 20, 2012


It’s been a busy week, and we’ve taken a few more pictures of the many things we’re working on at Kenilworth.

Nothing else is finished, but lots of things are started! 



Like the new closet door opening for the twins’ and Olivia’s room.  Old door opening on the right.  New door opening on the left.  That little door there on the right was made so long ago, it doesn’t have nails – just little pegs!  Not sure what we’ll do with it yet..surely we can use it somewhere….


The fireplace has gone from this…




to this…



to this!



Not exactly new and improved.. yet!



We’ve been in the basement the last few days – pouring more concrete leveler, priming the new wood steps and, putting up the rest of the insulation in the ceiling, and….

last night Glenn and the boys began construction of the closet and walls!  Yippee!  No shots of that yet, but later this weekend…. definitely!

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