Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I do at Kenilworth

When I go to Kenilworth, first thing I do is go to the cobhouse and visit the cats. Usually only Toto Rico is there when I come in. Lion is black and really really fat. Actually both of them are really fat. You know I like how they’re fat because they’re really soft. And Rico likes to be held but Lion doesn’t like to be held. Toto is used to us but Lion is REALLY shy only when cousins come. Rico has five fingers on one front paw, on the other there are six. They are REALLY good hunters. One time I came in to get something for mine and Sophia’s game and I saw that Rico had a dead mouse in his mouth. So Alix took Rico out of the cobhouse and closed the doors and we left the mouse in the cobhouse.  I think mommy or Luke took it out I don’t know. Well so I went inside the house and started playing with Sophia and Olivia.  We played horse, then awhile later it was snack time so we went down-stairs to eat our snack. We all had fruit drinks and fruit packages, then we went upstairs to play again. Once we were bored, we went outside to swing. We swung for a long time then we went to the tree house.  Then we went to the cobhouse again to see Rico.


                                THE END by Isabella Faith Orr                                          


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  1. Hi Isabella! We can't wait to come see your house again! I can't wait to see your cats again. I wonder what would happen if we brought our cats to see your cats. Love, Sarah