Sunday, March 18, 2012

Under The Floor...

Noah here!
          On Friday & Saturday, Dad, Luke, Alix, and me all began work in the crawlspace.  Because I was actually in the crawlspace, I can give a detailed description.
          When I looked in at first, the only thing I saw was a large body - Luke's, to be specific.  When I tried to crawl in, I failed.  Luke had to pull me up.  At last, I got in.  What I saw was totally unexpected.
          About fifteen feet in every direction was (a) dust (b) a little more dust (c) rubble (d) yet more dust.  I recall saying, "Oh my GOODNESS!"  Dad said, "Watch out for the 'little critters'."  Luke, Alix, and I started digging.  Then we dug some more. And a little bit more. Then some more.  In other words - well, you get the picture.  At one point I had called, "Large stick incoming!" and Alix had replied, "There's a large SNAKE incoming?"
"No, a large stick!"
"Oh.  Because I was wondering if there's a large snake incoming, then why is Luke still up there?"
          General laughter.
           Anyway, we continued digging.  When Dad got back home, he was impressed.  Then Dad started digging.  We were kept bustling for an hour and a half.  Then...
"Hey Kate, don't you feel like a mole?"
        Later, we stopped for a snack.  As I jumped out of the crawlspace, I made a "semi-nuclear dust cloud."  Later, we watched Dad and Luke build two beams.  Dad and Luke finally got the beams in.

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  1. Good work kids! Your mom couldn't have paid me to go under there!! :)