Saturday, March 24, 2012


The girls are all sharing the upstairs..

Let’s go on up and see!


Here is a crazy picture of the stairs, taken from the top.  Looking down towards the right – you are headed toward the front door.  . 


The stairs to the left of the landing go down into the kitchen


Try to picture white spindles and newel posts, stained hand rail, stained treads and white kickbacks..


At the top of the stairs and to the immediate right is the bathroom.  It does have 2 sinks, but the first one didn’t make it into this shot.

                                                                                                                                                                  IMG_2260  Behind the door is a little closet with shelves, and a nice sized area- big enough for a hutch to store their pretty things – and maybe a little chair or stool to perch on as they chat while they purty themselves up in the mirror.  The commode is to the left behind that short wall – across from the shower.


If you turned around in this doorway, you would be looking toward the front of the house.  There is a very nice landing, which will have a entire wall of bookshelves built in, plus a place for a computer.

IMG_2259  Although this picture doesn’t accurately show how wide this space really feels, it does show the slight slant in the floor towards Alix and Kate’s room there on the right. 

The door on the left leads to the twins’ and Olivia’s room. 


First the Big Girls…unfortunately – I can’t find the shot I took of the inside of their room.  I’ll have to get another and update later – but for now, suffice it to say that they have long closets on the right side of the door, and 2 windows – the one you can see part of there, and the other is the first upper story window that you see from the front view of the house.  A very respectable room for the girls – they are pleased as punch about it.



The little girls’ room will undergo some changes, we’re just not exactly sure how… today.  But here it is for now!

IMG_2262  Everyone is tickled about that window seat – it already has seen a lot of action  (notice the papers on the floor in front of it and the clothing tossed cheerfully into a pile there in the corner.  I think it has also been a hiding place during a few games of hide-n-seek last week.  That window faces the side yard – same direction as the dining room window.  On the wall to the left is a short door which leads into a long, wide attic type space that we will convert and finish for a closet and toy area.



This shot is take from the corner by the closet on the left – looking toward their door.  The two windows are on the front of the house – the 2 on the right of the second floor as you face the house.  Their room is nice and spacious, but we need to figure out a little more wall space, since the one to the right of the door has a corner that houses the chimney flu for the fireplace.  Of course if the fireplace – and chimney flu – go bye-bye, that would help a little bit..  Hmmm… well we’ll think about that one tomorrow.

Right now, we’re still doing demo work in the dining room, trying to finish the egress hole (almost there!), and getting ready to close up the opening to The Crawlspace, since we finished everything down there today.

We don’t have too much left to do with our Dining Room demo – thanks to Mick coming over to help us this afternoon!  Thanks, Mick!!!  He made a huge difference – and we reminisced about doing similar work in his and Colleen’s house after we were all first married and living there together. 

But that is a story for another post. 

Ah memories! 

Lathe and Plaster memories…  or as I told one friend this week, “plathe and laster”.  I’m a little tired – thankfully she knew what I meant.  Although – Colleen, I can say that I slept the whole night last night!  Yay!!  I’m sure everyone was thankful for that.

Well, that’s it for today.  We’ve been hard at work at Kenilworth every day this week, after school in the morning and then lunch.  So there hasn’t been much time for posting, but we are making progress!

And mainly, we’re enjoying getting to know the fun things about our new home, and being thankful for all of it.  (except maybe that yucky insulation stuff they blew into the dining room walls many years ago)

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  1. Mick was glad to help! And we were glad to stay here all day and give some much-needed attention to our own house. No pictures, thankyouvery much. :-D

    Glad you're getting *some* sleep -- although "whole night" for you probably means 12 am - 5 am. :-D