Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inside Pictures

One more quick post today – some interior shots..

IMG_2244  Welcome!  Come on in – the door is open!


     Family room to the right of the entry – I’m standing in the pocket door..


Here it is!

                                                                                   IMG_2248   I admit it.. I love this door!  I even took a close up shot of it.


If you go through that door and turn right, you head toward the school room (on the left) and the kitchen is straight ahead!

                                          IMG_2250  That green floor tape is our attempt to preserve the floors  - see it goes right up to the basement door on the right?  I’ve been vacuuming the kitchen and hallway to the garage each night, to try to keep the dirt to a minimum.


Walk through that entryway shown above and you arrive at the kitchen.. right there just beyond Sophia on the left is where you came through.  See all that dust?  See the happy kids? 


This next view is the hallway Isabella was just walking out of – it leads toward the garage and passes the main floor bathroom, which is on the right, across from those windows.  That garage door will be removed, and a new hallway will turn right leading toward the new mudroom, pantry, and laundry room.  The door into our room will be a little ways down the new hallway, to the left. The garage will be remodeled as the master bedroom and bathroom, and the new closet will be part of the addition that will include a back entry into the mudroom, with pantry cabinets and the extra fridge on the other end of the addition.  The new addition will be like a long rectangle, with the entry door kind of in the middle.  Glenn has it figured out, he can explain it better sometime.  Smile



Next on the main floor is the dining room – that door goes into the kitchen, and I’m standing between the pocket doors which separate the dining room from the family room.


Here’s a shot taken in the middle of the family room – as you face the dining room.



One last picture for today…  the fireplace.  My nemesis.  We might take out the entire thing – it takes up so much space!  But minimally, the stone façade is on my demo list, so I wanted to get a nice “Before” shot.  Notice the hilarious “icon” niches up there on top. 




The second floor is for another day.  We’re tired!

Good Night!

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  1. Great job on the before pictures! You'll be so glad you took them when your house is finished (though that may seem lightyears away at this point ;-). Are you sleeping at night yet? Hope so. :-) Love you!