Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Crawlspace and Other Dirty Things..

 IMG_2161  So here’s Noah at the entrance to The Crawlspace – looks pretty inviting doesn’t it?!  See how intrigued the girls are as they keep a safe distance away?


Let’s have a closer look, shall we?…….


IMG_2158  And there’s Luke!  I’ll let him share about the Adventures in The Crawlspace..   I had my own stint in there and feel very smug about the fact that I made some headway digging the main channel while squatting and hacking away at the packed dirt with the shovel.  Thankfully, there are no pictures of that…


Yesterday I moved several Hosta plants, which were in the space where we are going to do the mudroom.  I didn’t know they were even there until I glanced down at the dirt and saw them peeking up stout green pointers.  As soon as I had a chance, I moved them all to the front area between the house and the garage, by the windows. 

Although you can’t really see the Hostas yet, they’re there, believe me!

There are some irises over there, and some other things – looks like maybe peonies, and last week one day I moved a really large stone pedestal from another part of the yard to the center of the area.  I think a nice pot of colorful flowers might do very nicely on top of the pedestal..   Need to add some more color here, too..




Also spent a little time pruning the fruit trees..  I even climbed up in one of them to get some of the higher branches.  (the 5th one from the left in the line of trees)

I have a little grace..


And then there was one last really dirty thing we started today – Luke, Noah, I.   Here is a hint..


More on this – and pictures! – soon.


  1. Admit it -- you and Luke love all this dirtiness! It's what you were made for! And not only does Mom *not* get mad when you get all dirty ... she *encourages* it -- yea, even *demands* it! Crazy, isn't it!

    Enjoy walking around the house in your old, dirty shoes now ... you know that won't last forever. :-D

    Aunt Colleen

  2. I'm cracking up at myself! When I first read this, I thought *Noah* had written it, I read "Here is Noah" as "Noah here". I thought it was strange that he used phrases like "smug" and your signature phrase "a little bit of grace." :-D And I was getting a kick out of "his" landscaping plans. LOL! At any rate, could you relay my message to him?