Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mommy!


Mom always does birthday posts for us, so here’s Alix doing one for her. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to prove to her how beautiful she is, with your help (and your comments). Help me out, please, y’all! Smile

I love my Mommy. She is most definitely just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, which, as you will see in just a moment, is breathtakingly beautiful. Back me up, Dad. Winking smile  I wish I could find the right words to describe her. I’ll try.

She loves to laugh, to sing, to jump, to dance, to cry for joy. She often does them all when she’s really, really happy, and we jump right in there with her. She is hardworking and dutiful. She makes the best chocolate chippers EVER. She always, always has time to hug and kiss her loving children, who interrupt her often for these tokens of love. She loves to read to us, to play with us, to laugh with us, to watch movies with us, to hold us, to hug us, to care for us, to feed us wonderful food (i.e. chocolate chippers), to take us shopping for our birthdays, to love on us, to give us gifts, to help us with school, to help us with every problem, from which pajamas to wear at night to how to deal with emotional difficulties. She loves to spend time with us, to draw with us, to go on vacation with us, to swim with us (a.k.a. watch us perform tricks as she sits on the deck, but to us, it counts), to cry with us, to go on walks with us, to clean our rooms with us, to tell stories of her childhood with us, and so many many many other things! There is no doubt, NO doubt, in my mind, that my mother loves me and my siblings and most of all, my beloved father. I thank God that He has given her to me as an incredible Mom, and now that I’m older, as my best friend. I can tell her anything, and I tell her everything. There is no one else in the world that I can talk to the way I talk with my best friend. Thank you, Mommy.

Now for the pictures!
Ladies and gents, may I present, my MOTHER!!!

(And remember to back me up in the comments on how beautiful she is; maybe we can convince her!!) (Sorry the photos are in a straight line; I didn’t know how to move them around)


                        This was the Resurrection Lord’s Day right before Olivia was born


Doesn’t she have the most radiant smile?



I have a few of Olivia with Mom. I hope you don’t mind; they’re all just so CUTE!!



Isn’t her expression cute? I love the way Grandma and Kate are both looking at her. Winking smile



I love Mom’s smile!!!


Sorry Mom … Yes she even lets us do her hair! Open-mouthed smile


There were never such devoted sisters … Winking smile


Isn’t she sweet? (Yes, both of them!)


Love you both!!!


Love you still!!! Even more, this time. Smile


Cheerio, Mum!


Mommy loves you! (Don’t worry; Olivia is laughing,
not crying!)


I just love this one.



This isn’t the exact photo, but on the day that
Mom was born, the angels were singing themselves hoarse.


Sorry about the blur, but isn’t she beautiful?





Happy Birthday Mommy!

We love you!!!!


  1. You are right Alix! She's beautiful inside and out.

  2. Sweet post Alix, and I don't doubt its truth:)
    Mrs. Orr, you are beautiful:) Inside and out, you are a lovely woman.
    Happy Birthday!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to an amazing sister! Alix, i know your Mom will treasure this for the rest of her life. And you're right, she is beautiful throughout!

    Love you both!
    Aunt Minda

  4. Alix - I almost posted on FB the picture of your Mom and I that you posted here on the blog! (I went with the baby picture instead) Thank you for doing this - it was the best gift you could give your Mom. :-)

    Happy Birthday, sis!


  5. What a surprise from my Alix! Thank you so much, Sweetie. I love you.
    And thank you, Girls, for your comments - each of you are so special to me.

    Love you!