Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Graceful Lady

Lately I’ve been noticing how old some of my lamps look.  Since we don’t have extra money right now, and lamps can be expensive, I decided to do a lamp makeover.  This lamp in the family room just hasn’t looked pretty to me for a while.  I decided to spray paint it.


I went and looked through my dwindling stash of colors and found silver.

Aha! That would do it. After it dried, though, it looked a little too silver, so I used an old rag and rubbed on a little gold rub-n-buff. I might have tried a glaze, except I didn’t have any. I had rub-n-buff.  Smile

And anyway– I liked how it turned out. The silver has a pretty, reflective quality, and that corner of the family room needed some shine.


Of course now the old shade looked really old and it really didn’t look great with the silver base. So Glenn and I went to Lowe’s with our gift card – a Christmas gift from Colleen and Mick.  After we spent a fair amount of time looking at several different shades, Glenn pointed out one he thought I would like. He knows me well.


I think the lamp went from washer-woman to Graceful Lady.



I love the way something so simple can have such an impact. Don’t you?

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  1. You are the rub and buff queen! They should pay you to advertise for them. LOL It looks really pretty.