Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blue Slipper Chair

I stopped by the antique mall one day last month, while I was on my way home from my monthly lunch date with my “sisters” on the Orr side. It was supposed to be one of those quick, run through trips where I just make sure there’s nothing I might need. 

And of course, going down the final row of booths, I saw it. The Deal I couldn’t pass up.  I even walked around the whole mall one more time, thinking about whether or not I should get it. 

So really, it wasn’t an impulse buy.

It was this vintage blue slipper chair.


Although the light blue velveteen fabric is obviously old and needs to be replaced, (which I’m planning to do) the chair is in perfect shape.  It’s on little casters and swivels around, and the springs are great.  It is also the exact size and style of chair I’ve been wanting for Alix and Kate’s room.


Since their beds are up high, they don’t have a sweet spot to sit and do homework, chat, read a book, etc.  I’d still like another slipper chair, or something similar, so they can sit together, but I’m not in a hurry.  I’ll find something sooner or later. 

In the meantime, they are loving the chair.  Someone is almost always sitting in it when I look in the room; usually with the ottoman pulled up and their feet propped comfortably. 

In other big decorating news…. Glenn bought a new throw pillow for my birthday.  It is so fluffy and soft!!  The kids love it!


He knew I would love it, too….

since I had been eyeing it for the past few months and described it in fine detail to him over the phone while he was at Walmart. Winking smile

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