Monday, February 25, 2013

Homeschool Days

I don’t often take the time to grab the camera and get a few shots of school in progress here.  Mostly because I don’t think about it.  I’m busy teaching, encouraging, or exhorting.  But one day last week, I happened to walk in the school room after working with one of the older kids for several minutes, and I perceived things looked slightly different than they had when I left the room.
Actually I can’t say for sure that Olivia didn’t already have on her yellow ballet recital tutu from 3 years ago while she practiced her piano songs
But Noah seemed to have changed quite a bit.  What’s that he’s wearing?  And Kate looked somehow different, too.
They told me what they were up to, and I knew I had to stop for once, and get some pictures.
Kate and Noah had just finished reading The Unaborted Socrates  for our Omnibus course.  If you’ve never read it, maybe these pictures will convince you that you should.
So Kate and Noah decided to do one of the optional activities found at the end of the lesson.  The one where they pretend to be Socrates and his followers, plus one brave Christian trying to help Socrates see the errors of his thinking.  They may have made that part up themselves.
Here is the poisoned drink before being given to Socrates.  Along with a farewell cookie to sweeten his exit.
I think it must have been one of his loyal pupils who penned the thoughtful note.
Here is the faithful Christian and 2 of Socrates’ students talking with him as he lay calmly awaiting his end in this world.
And at last, after much debate and discourse about the importance of the physical body, and something about Opposites..
The Jailer arrived with the tray of poison and the cookie.  If you look closely, you can see “Jailer” written very importantly on her… clown hat.
There… can you see it?
The poison is delivered.
The followers are much distressed.
Socrates quietly drinks the poison while one particularly anguished follower watches.
Socrates dies quietly, surrounded by his faithful students, a concerned Christian, and one interested Jailer.
In the aftermath, there was a lot of sobriety.
Hope you have a great Monday! 


  1. What a funny post! Please tell Kate she looks GORGEOUS in these pictures!

  2. People who think Classical Christian education is nothing but recitations and boring classics need to see this. :-)