Monday, February 18, 2013

Gallery Wall

I’ve been wanting to do something to the bathroom hallway for a while now.  I saw this Pinterest picture which looked a lot like our hallway:


and it inspired me to try something similar.

I already had several frames, many with pictures in them already, but I knew I really needed more to get the look I wanted.  So I “advertised” on Freecycle for frames.  A very nice woman who lived close to my parents responded that she had several she could give to me.  There were some that wouldn’t work, but there were a few that were perfect!  All my frames were white-washed wooden frames, plus one dark wood. The ones she gave me were either lightly white-washed or stained wood. 

Here’s what they looked like when I laid them out on the floor in our room.


I arranged them in a kind of haphazard way, but so they would still look unified.  I also tried to stagger the different shapes and sizes and colors to achieve some semblance of visual interest and balance.  When I was finally satisfied with the way they looked, I traced around each frame with a pencil onto some left-over Christmas wrapping paper. 

I cut them out and taped them to the wall in the order I had them on the floor.  It was easy to move the paper frames around on the wall so I could check the spaces in between them with my eye.  I wasn’t looking for precise distances between them, just something that would make me happy when I looked at them all.

I should have taken a picture of the wall with the paper frames, but I didn’t. Oh well!


Finally, Luke helped me put the actual frames up.  Here are some before and after shots:







You can probably tell that not all the frames have family photos in them.. yet!  But they will.  I think picking them out is going to be the longest part of the project.  But we’ll get them all filled eventually. And hopefully add some more to the wall as we go!

And that was my big Saturday project!