Saturday, February 16, 2013


We did a Cousins-Swap today!  Jennifer and I met halfway between our homes, and she took all our girls back to her house for some girl time.  I brought the boys here for some boy time.  I’m not sure what the girls were doing over there…. but the boys had pretty much one thing on their collective minds.  Electronic entertainment.

Here they are trying to best each other…


They had a great time together and I was really pleased to hear how they encouraged each other and tried to make sure that Evan, the youngest, felt particularly included.

Lunch was left-over homemade pizza, chips, and some Chex party mix I made for them.  Aunt Jennifer had sent along cupcakes, which were gone (save the last one) in just a few hours.

We had to laugh when we tried to imagine what the girls had been doing all day.  We’re all pretty sure it was a very different choice of play time.  Avery observed that the girls tend to be more creative while the boys had a hard time coming up with acceptable alternatives to the computer games.  We considered outside – but 20 degrees is uncomfortably cold.  Chess and checkers and cards don’t include all of them doing something at the same time.  Reading is fine when you’re alone, but not when you’re with cousins and supposed to be doing fun and memorable things!  So they gamed, and ate, and laughed, and had a ball.


  1. Yay! What a great idea and fun way to have some cousin time. :-) I'm sure all involved had a wonderful time!


  2. Love the expression on Luke's face; he looks as pleased as punch. :-)

  3. He definitely was! Now, just need to wait a couple more years and then hopefully the Ramsey, Worley, and Griffin boys will join them!