Monday, March 3, 2014

Life and Living


We’ve had a busy few weeks here!

Several of us came down with a respiratory virus which has been a real hanger-on-er.  But we’re getting there! 


We’ve had more snow,



more time outside,

IMG_7175        (Alix and our neighbor riding right up to the front door!)



more time with family and friends,

IMG_6988   IMG_7536


and more school. Of course.


Although the kids are often hoping for a good reason to do only part of school, or maybe none (!) at least once a week, I am a stickler and we keep on keeping on.  I usually remind them that Spring and warm weather will be here, sooner or later, and then they will be glad they kept up with school because they will have more time to be outside.

School has been the main focus of my days for so many years now!  14 years so far! 

Although certain aspects of our school day have changed here and there, some things have stayed the same.  Like reading the Proverbs.  When the older kids were little, I read a chapter from Proverbs to them each day at the beginning of our school time.  But over time, it has moved to all of them reading it as well.  As each new reader has gained the ability to make out the majority of words, they have been added to the rotation.  We go in order of age, to keep it easy, and read one chapter every day.  Then the kids will say which verse stuck out to them that day.  This is sometimes harder than it sounds!

When we finish all 31 chapters, we start over! 

It’s amazing to me how this has impacted us.  The Proverbs contain so much wisdom and instruction, and much of it is repeated over and over throughout the chapters.   I don’t think there’s a day that goes by where someone doesn’t repeat something they’ve learned from reading Proverbs.  They either say it for themselves, or as a reminder to one another.  Smile


Last week, while Kate was reading, Izzy scooted close to her for a better view of the words.





I loved how sweet they looked together, but I was suddenly struck with the importance of what we were doing.  The wisdom of Proverbs is wisdom for life, and for living.  Lord willing, they will reap blessings from these years of reading the Proverbs, in ways not visible to them now; and God will use it all for Himself.



“I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.”  3 John 1



Have a wonderful day!