Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Attach a Lamp Harp


A few weeks ago I found a sweet little white lamp at Goodwill.  For just 2.99, I had to get it.  Kate needed a new lamp on her desk and I knew she would love this one.


The only thing it lacked was a cute lamp shade. But I am a hoarder of such things, and I knew there were a few in my closet to choose from.

The one I found which looked best required a lamp harp.  But my little lamp didn’t have a harp.  Up until just recently, this meant I would need to add something to Glenn’s “to – do” list.  But, not now! 

Last summer I asked Glenn to show me how to rewire a lamp and affix a lamp harp.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I admit I felt a lot of satisfaction when I plugged it in afterwards, and the lamp worked!

Many times, the perfect shade can be found without having to attach a lamp harp.  But just in case you ever pick one up, take it home and realize you need one, I thought you might find the following pictures helpful.

I’ll do my best to let the pictures speak for themselves, with just a little bit of explanation.


Here we look down at the socket and see the shade slips over it with a ring and 3 wire prongs which are attached to the old shade.


After sliding the old shade up and over the socket, grasp the socket and gently pull on it.


Carefully separate the top and bottom pieces of the socket, to expose the wires inside.


Pull away the top half and set it aside.  Then pull the inner parts up and away from the bottom half of the socket.


Unscrew the two little screws on either side just enough to loosen the wires and detach them. 


Close up of how they are attached.


The two wires will be tied into a loose knot.  Untie them.


Slip off the bottom half of the socket.


From the bottom of the lamp, push the cord up toward the top of the lamp.  This will make it easier to work with the wires.


Here is a medium size lamp harp, which should fit this lamp just right.


Slip the two wires through the hole in the base of the harp.




Replace the bottom half of the socket and then tie the two wires into a loose knot.


Like so!


At this point, you can pull the wires back down a little from the base of the lamp.


Next twist the exposed copper wiring strands back together so they will fit behind the screws easier.




Now gently tighten the screws to keep the wires in place.


You will probably still have an extra amount of the wiring underneath so just pull it down from the base of the lamp.  Otherwise the bulging wires will keep the socket halves from fitting back together.


I’m holding it with my left hand, and pulling down the cord from underneath the lamp with my right hand. 


Flatten out the remaining wires as best you can into the bottom half of the socket.


Replace the top half of the socket, making sure to line up the narrow grooves so they fit over the switch.


And that’s it! 


The lamp fits perfectly on Kate’s desk – and she loves it!



And that’s it! 

I think it took me less than 30 minutes to complete, and I’m far from proficient.  I’m sure you could do it.  And see how much cuter the lamp is with the right shade?

                IMG_7180             IMG_7215


Now off you go!

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  1. It's so cute and it totally warms up the room, plus it's got a nice, steady warm light