Friday, March 14, 2014

Finishing Some of the Trim




Birthdays are special around here.  We decorate with bunting and balloons and the Birthday Chair, and other fun things.


And of course for the kids, presents are probably the highlight.  Toys still reign as the number one requested gift, along with books, movies, and occasionally now, clothes.


Glenn and Alix picked out a beautiful red Transferware plate for me this year – I love it!  And a really lovely silver serving stand – the kind you can set a 9x13 size dish into. 

He is such a thoughtful husband.  Smile 

I received many beautiful handmade cards from the kids, drawings and poems, chocolate covered almonds from a friend, 4lbs of Jelly Bellys, and a lovely set of handpainted floral notecards from another sweet friend.  Alix and Kate even made me a beautiful and delicious chocolate birthday cake!

One flowered napkin ring at my plate simply wasn’t enough – the kids gave me a bouquet!




There was the blessing of time which Glenn and I spent together –  running errands and having lunch out and just being Two, instead of nine, for an afternoon.


But I have to admit that the icing on the cake for me was…… trim in the hallway. 


I think I am officially a DIY- mom because getting the trim practically made me giddy. I sighed and squealed over it.  And I have spent a strange amount of time just staring at it.  Admiring it.

Glenn knew I was excited – so he wasted no time getting it cut and nailed into place as soon as we finished the birthday dinner.

Here we are – Glenn showing me how to caulk the seams, and both of us feeling very pleased about it.


Although we still plan to board and batten this hallway, like the main hallway, for now we are content to have it trimmed and finally looking more finished.

Would you like to see?




Even though we only needed to add the trim at this point, I thought it would be fun to show the progression of this little hallway, formerly part of the garage and part of the backyard. 




You can see by the flooring in the doorway, the place where we joined the former wall of the garage with the new mud room addition we built.




And looking the other way.



      IMG_3729 IMG_6757 IMG_7893


Happy Birthday to me.  Smile




  1. I HAVE TRIM ENVY!!! (Yes, I'm yelling. :-)

    Looks great!

    1. LOL! (Yes, I'm laughing out loud :)

      You make me laugh.

    2. I'm laughing very hard (on the inside, I'm a work)

      Happy Birthday dear wife with all of the trimmings...