Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Ballet Camps


We’re blessed to have a wonderful ballet school right here in our little town.  The teacher and her husband were both professional ballet dancers for many years and have had their own ballet schools several times.  They own the studio and share the many duties associated with having your own business, while working full-time jobs elsewhere.  They are dedicated and loving, patient and kind. 

We love them.

It was Glenn’s idea to start the girls in ballet, back in November of 2008.  They’ve learned a ton, and have participated in 2 recitals so far, Copellia and Sleeping Beauty.

The last couple of years they’ve been excited to participate in the week-long summer ballet camps Ms. Hume provided for them.

Olivia and Kate were both part of the Princess Ballet Camp.  The little girls dressed in their choice of tutu and wings and did all sorts of fun Princess-type things.  They colored princess story pages, watched 5 of their favorite princesses dance, had princess snacks, and listened to Ms. Hume read them a different princess story each day.  Kate participated because she was Princess Ariel.  A perfect Ariel, if you ask me.

Here are a few pictures showing how much fun they had…


Kate was a very popular Ariel with the little girls.



Here is Olivia with two of her BFFs – Kate Chungwai and Cousin Claire.



I love this shot of them stretching their little toes..




And then the twins and Kate had fun learning different types of dance – including Irish Step Dance from a local dancer who competes nationally.










These fun costumes were provided by the ballet teacher.  The girls made their own headpieces and beaded the necklaces during the week. 

The camp week culminated on Friday with a special performance for the parents.  The girls danced to two different types of music, one was Irish and the other Indian. 

Here they are on the final day! 





Beautiful girls!


Although they were sad for the fun to end, they’re looking forward to a new year of ballet.  Plus this year is a recital year, so come May, they’ll get to dress up again in gorgeous costumes. 

Life is grand!

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