Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 4


I’m a little late on this post, but I figured it would still seem reasonably acceptable to say something about it. I hope you don’t mind.

We had a great time at our parents’ house, with most of the cousins.  Only our Virginia cousins, one of my sisters and her family weren’t able to be with us. 

It was a beautiful day here, with just a smattering of light rain once in the afternoon.  The kids set up booths in the backyard and we had fun seeing their creative ingenuity.

Kate did face painting, and Glenn did a little, too.  Olivia had a little table where she offered lip gloss and other sundry feminine items.  Some of the girls did fingernail polish-ing in patriotic colors, and there was also a make your own coloring book – with crayons to color them afterwards.  We had an obstacle course made up by the boys, and one little cousin collected several small sticks and tied your choice of patriotic ribbons to them for little flags to wave.  All very cute and fun.

Unfortunately in the hustle and bustle to get all the food and booth paraphernalia loaded up, we forgot our camera!  But Colleen remembered hers and captured some wonderful photos, which she put on her blog



We ended the day here at Kenilworth at sundown with a fabulous fireworks display by Glenn and Luke.

This time I remembered to take a few shots – although they’re pretty dark, I think you can still tell we all thoroughly enjoyed the show.






except maybe Trent! 

Colleen takes it all in stride, and Trent was good as long as he could squish against his mommy while she covered his ears.





I hope yours was a memorable, happy Fourth, too!



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