Friday, July 5, 2013

Dumpster Dresser Revival

Last month we went to a Graduation Open House, held at a local park.  As we were getting out of the van, Alix pointed out a dresser in the park’s dumpster she thought I might be interested in. 

And she was right!

It was missing some drawers and smelled like cigarettes, but it was so solid and sturdy.  I thought surely I could do something with it!




It sat outside for a few weeks, although I put it under the porch when it rained. 

I racked my brain for the first couple of days, trying to decide what I could do with a drawer-less dresser. 

The most obvious thing was to add shelves and use it for books.  And we have plenty of those still in boxes from the move!

I knocked out the flimsy particle board and removed the drawer slides.

By this time, the smoke smell was completely gone.




Glenn built three very solid shelves for it, and then I sanded, primed, and painted.


And here it is!



It fits perfectly in our entry.



You can see some of the detail on the front, which originally caught my eye.



The blue color is slightly different from my typical white, but I like it.  I think it adds a nice soft touch of color.

What do you think?







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  1. Simply Fabulous! I love that kind of find...perfectly imperfect. That color is one of my favorites and I did a curbside dresser for my white room too!

  2. Thanks, Larissa!

    I'm going to look on your blog for yours. It is there, right?

  3. Nice color choice and the woodwork in your home is beautiful! Adding myself to your follower list. You're welcome to stop by and visit my blog and say hello. :) ~Ann

  4. Thank you, Ann! I'd love to come "visit". :)

    Thanks, Sharron!

  5. Truly inspired redo. I love the color too.

  6. Thanks, Kim! The color is a match to ASCP Duck Egg Blue. It looked a little darker than I expected at first, but lightened up by the time it dried. :)